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Universal ATX Power Supply Tester VER 3.0

Discontinued Product

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Product Features

Closed Loop ATX power supply tester. Test power supply with dummy load and verifies outputs with LED status. Not only does this ATX power supply check for load verification, but it checks the output voltage from each of the power supply output leads. This insures that a correct output is detected to quickly check the health of your power supply. Checks output for: 4 pin molex connector power lead, known as old style hard drive power connector SATA connector power lead, known as new style hard drive power connector Floppy connector power lead 4, 6, or 8 pin CPU connector power lead Voltage support: +3.3V, -12V, PG, +5VSB, +12V, - 5V, and +5V

  • Checks your power supply voltage.
  • Closed loop test connectors verifies outputs.
  • Dummy load to enable power supply.
  • Order Number: testeratx_30


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How to Use

1. Plug-in power supply connector to tester.
2. Plug-in power supply to outlet source and enable power switch.
3. Check LED status for 3.3V, -12V, PG, +5VS, +12V, - 5V, and +5V
4. Plug in HDD connector ONLY.
5. Check LED status for +12V and +5V.
6. Remove HDD connector.
7. Plug in 4, 6 or 8 pin CPU connector ONLY.
8. Check LED status for +12V.
9. Remove CPU connector.
10. Plug in floppy connector ONLY.
11. Check LED status for +12V and +5V.
12. Remove floppy connector.
13. Plug in SATA connector ONLY.
14. Check LED status for +12V, +3.3V and +5V.
15. Remove SATA connector.
16. Unplug ATX connector.